EDI Consulting Professional Services


Our EDI Consulting Engineers sort through the myriad of Electronic Data Interchange options and strategies to offer the most practical solution for your company. VANs, Internet EDI, AS2, UCCnet, Secure FTP and a number of additional technologies can make the world of EDI very confusing. Our EDI Specialists can help you understand EDI and smoothly implement your EDI projects.

We can provide one-on-one EDI Mapping classes via an online connection or in person at your work site. Our EDI consultants can assist you in testing and setting up your Trading Partner Requirements.

Embassy Software’s EDI Consulting Services provides on boarding implementation. We’ll publish your EDI Specifications, do compliance checking with Trading Partners and help educate your staff and vendor community.

With smaller and smaller IT staff, complete EDI Outsourcing may be an option for you. Our EDI Consultants can set up a plan for you that would be practical and affordable.

From understanding EDI to having a complete turn-key EDI application, we have an EDI service plan for you.

EDI Training Agenda
  • EDI Overview
  • EDI Data Flow
  • Your System Data Flow
  • Implementation Components
  • Inbound Processing
  • Inbound Mapping
  • Specifications Review
  • Setup Trading Partner Inbound
  • Processing Inbound Documents
  • Outbound Processing Flow
  • Outbound Specifications Review
  • Build Application File
  • Outbound Transaction Mapping
  • Setup Trading Partner for Outbound
  • Process Outbound Map
  • Daily Processing and support