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Embassy Software announces the only EDI software built for third party transportation providers. TransportGOLD®, the flagship transportation EDI product, has provided many in the transportation industry with solid performance for years. Now TransportGOLD®/Logistics not only provides logistics companies with traditional EDI compliance to their shipping customers but also adds the ability for them to forward EDI messages to outside carriers. This functionality brings complex data integration to logistics companies that had previously found EDI too expensive and complicated.

TransportGOLD®/Logistics was developed in response to a growing demand for logistics companies to receive and send electronic load tenders.

Although EDI software has been around for many years, a specific application had never been developed for third party transportation providers. Users can review 204 Electronic Load Tenders from large shippers and forward that 204 to the carrier of their choice. 214 Status Messages sent by the carrier are first routed to the logistics company before being sent to the shipper. This process can be as automated as the user desires.

When a load is complete, an Electronic Freight Bill (210) can be sent to the Payer with minimum data entry.

Mike Dice, Reynolds Group LLC, says of TransportGOLD®/Logistics "The system was built around our industry. We were not required to get into the gory details of EDI. TransportGOLD®/Logistics made it easy to receive and send Load Tenders. It’s nice to be able to offer EDI capabilities to our customers."