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Embassy Software has developed EDI Software solutions for the Vendors of these Hub Companies

PassportXChangeŽ is an any-to-any data format translator built for demanding EDI XML requirements. It is not just EDI software, but provides a dual function for your data integration needs. First, it is your edi software link to all of your trading partners providing accurate, secure, and almost instantaneous exchanges, which makes you a valued partner with many of the largest companies in the United States.

Second, the ability of PassportXChangeŽ to convert data from any format to any other format allows it to be used internally as well as externally with trading partners, a powerful EDI software solution indeed. PXC is the ultimate conversion utility. For example, data can be converted from an XML format used by many new applications to flat file formats used by many legacy applications. Easy data conversion means total data integration. This flexibility puts you in the driver's seat with respect to data transformation requirements.

PassportXChangeŽ is a total EDI Software package. PCX supports all your exchange requirements. You can easily build maps based on any ANSI x12 and EDIFACT documents (HIPAA, UCS, or any industry specific standards.) PXC can even convert proprietary flat files sent by your trading partners.

EDI History can be easily tracked, resent and archived with this powerful EDI software. Acknowledgments are reported by meaningful identifiers such invoice number or purchase order number, not just by an interchange control number. Exceptions can be sent to multiple email addresses for quick notification of potential problems.

Data manipulation is not limited to simple moves. When customized solutions are needed, this EDI software is ideal for those solutions. Date formats, IDs that need special characters, numbers that need to be converted can easily be changed to your company’s specific needs.

PassportXChangeŽ includes a scheduler that can totally automate your data exchange processing. External programs such as exports and file copying can be launched along with the PXC translator.

Part of the PassportXChangeŽ package includes communications (FTP, FTP/S, HTTP, HTTP/S, asynchronous, SAN and TCP/IP protocols) which will allow you to communicate by VAN or directly with your Trading Partner.