Order Processing EDI


PXC Retail™ is an all in one EDI package for processing electronically received purchase orders (850), and electronically sent advance ship notices (856) and invoices (810) (also works with accompanying documents like 855, 860, 861, 824). All order data is captured within the PXC Retail database thus reducing to a minimum the data entry for outbound sending of the ship notices and invoices.

PXC Retail resides on your machine where you know it will be protected. Plus monthly costs are not required as there is flexibility with communications options (i.e. ftp direct with you customer for example).

History data is available to multiple users using the built in history module. Thus someone in accounting can check to see if an invoice was accepted by the customer. This data is available as long as you want, not deleted after just a few days.

For users with a backend order tracking and accounting system, data from PXC Retail can be exported to and imported from this system. PXC Retail serves as your front end EDI processor allowing for a quick implementation with a customer.