EDI Training and OutSourcing

Business Partner Program for Software Resellers:
As the electronic commerce market and EDI Software market grows, so do you selling opportunities. PassportXchange is a robust, affordable, easy-to-use, and easy to sell. It’s flexible, sot it’s easy to integrate. You can resell PassportXchange or TransportGOLD as a stand-alone or as an integrated module with your software. However you choose to market, Embassy Software wants to assure your success.

Embassy Software Provides:
* Product discounts
* PassportXchange Software and documentation
* On-going technical support from our help desk for you and/or your clients
* Our cooperation and involvement on joint sales and marketing efforts.

We will structure our program so that, as our Business Partner, you have OPTIONS. These options allow you to determine how much of the “EDI experience” you want to own. If you want to become a full-fledged EDI expert, offering related consulting and support services, we will help and support you. If you’d rather leave that up to us, we will make sure that your PassportXchange customers are fully satisfied. You have choices with our program and the freedom to structure your EDI options to get the greatest return for your investment.

Online Class:
* EDI Overview
* EDI Data Flow
* Your System Data Flow
* Implementation Components
* Inbound Processing
* Inbound Mapping
* Specifications Review
* Setup Trading Partner Inbound
* Processing Inbound EDI Documents
* Outbound Processing Flow
* Outbound Specifications Review
* Build Application File
* Outbound Transaction Mapping
* Setup Trading Partner for Outbound
* Processing Outbound Map
* Daily Processing and support