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Embassy Software has developed EDI Software solutions for the Vendors of these Hub Companies

TransportGOLDŽ is specifically designed for Truckers. Your total Transportation EDI needs are completely taken care of. TransportGOLDŽ imports an EDI 204 which will appear as an understandable Load Tender or Order. EDI 990's (Accepts or Declines) can be sent with just a push of the button. EDI 214's (Shipment Statuses) only require dates and times. Invoices (EDI 210's) do not require re-entry of data.

TransportGOLDŽ can be used as a stand-alone Transportation EDI package or can be integrated into your dispatch and billing system. EDI 204's can be imported into many existing Transportation packages. EDI 214's and EDI 210's are automatically exported and sent through TransportGOLDŽ.

You will find that other Transportation EDI software are more expensive and less flexible.

If you do not know already you will soon discover that handling web-based Transportation EDI is manually intensive. Constantly checking if loads have been sent or re-sending data often requires a full time person.
TransportGOLDŽ will automatically notify you when an EDI 204 (Load Tender) has been recieved. Also, EDI 214's (Shipment Statuses) can be resent without re-keying data.