Verify Your EDI

It is important to have a standard file format in EDI so that computers can read and translate EDI documents correctly. It is also just as important for users who are processing EDI files to adhere to the EDI standard. Your Trading Partner's EDI Software will require standard EDI data. You will leave a bad impression on your customer by sending ill formatted data. Your customer will be irritated and think that your IT capabilities are inadequate. Avoid this by validating your intial testing with Embassy Software's EDI Validation free service.

Yes pro bono!

Validation not only ensures a more accurate EDI translation, but also ensures a more robust automated process by detecting and rejecting EDI files with anomalies that could break the translation program and interrupt production. Click on the link below. Send your file as an attachment. Please limit the attachment to one file with only one exchange (ISA/IEA set) and file size less than 10 K.

Within a few minutes, Embassy's EDI Software (Passport/EDIValidator) will send you back a report detailing any errors with your file.

If you are a Hub company and are being overwhelmed by bad data from your vendors, please contact us. We can setup a special email that they can send their test EDI to. It will check specific requirements you may have and pretest the data for you.

PassportXChangeŽ is EDI software designed for Vendors, Carriers and small to medium size organiztions. Embassy Software has a well-established record of offering not only EDI solutions but also mapping and compliance services.